About Us

Classroom Diaries is an education portal that provides valuable academic information to students, teachers and everyone else who is involved in academic life. On this site, one can find information with regards to the best colleges in the country as well as the world. The website contains details on the best courses in the leading educational institutes of the world and how to go about getting admission in them. Classroom Diaries is also a platform that brings teachers and students together so that the students can get guided in the best way by reputed and experienced teachers. This platform allows teachers to impart the knowledge gained over many years in a convenient manner to the student community.

Ever since its inception, Classroom Diaries has helped many students get ahead in their academic life. This site has especially been a boon for students who come from poor backgrounds. The number of students and teachers who have become members of Classroom Diaries is growing by the day and the number of hits that our site is getting has seen an exponential increase since it was first started. We make sure that our site is constantly updated with all the latest news and views in the academic world. If a new course is introduced or a new college is started then you will find information about it on our site. If any changes have been made to the syllabus or the curriculum then you will be able to get details about it on our inner pages.

Our aim is to be a one stop destination where all the academic needs of teachers, students and their families are met in the best manner possible. Classroom Diaries has proved to be a valuable resource for the community at large and will continue to be so in the years to come.